Injection and blowing including any colour requested.

Relief engraving in caps

We adapt your logo or brand image to the mold of the caps, obtaining a relief adjusted to each of your designs and made in the same injection material (Polypropylene).

Silk-screen and tampon printing

We customize our bottles and jars both in silk-screen and in tampon printing using one or several colours. Any typeface can be used too.

Hot stamping
and engraving

These customization techniques can be applied with different finishes, gloss and matt, and in several colours. They can be used to decorate our caps and bottles.


Our jars can be painted in any colour requested after being manufactured, highlighting their thickness and providing a better definition of theircontour. These colours can be applied either on the inside or on the outside part of them.


We offer natural wood caps made in beech and ash and in several colours. They can be used in our acrylic jars.

and painting

We get a bright effect on our packaging using the high vacuum metallizing, obtaining silver and gold finishes.
The painting or varnishing technique is performed to decorate our packaging surfaces using lacquer, paint or vanish and being able to use a greater variety of colours or shades.

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